The Adventures of Marianne

Friday, January 28, 2005

Filling in the Blanks

So, my name's Dan. You may remember me from such stories as the majority of the ones below. I'll be contributing from time to time, with very likely a large gap in between the times, because of my laziness and whatnot. Basically my job is to fill in the blanks of what Marianne forgets, or even more frequently, leaves out because it's a scandalous story about her.

For the moment I'll begin with the happenings of Wednesday night. First off, when she says that things "picked up" upon our return from fetching beer at the gas station (which supposedly was only licensed to sell until 9, but honestly, what was the 15 year old girl behind the counter going to do anyway?) , she means that there was a house full of rowdy lightweight drinkers pouring vodka on each other (at least it wasn't mixed yet, so one shirt lasted me the whole night) and Scandanavian males (you know who you are) stealing other people's beer out of the fridge. Go back to Sweden! Or at least Orchard Towers...

After a few hours there, rumours of impending police intervention began to circulate, and those of us hearty enough (how am I in this category all of a sudden) headed downtown. From there Marianne was farily accurate, with the possible except of confusing the order in which we went to Gotham and Desire (it wasn't Bedroom at all, you silly alky...). She also omitted that the random Brit was a male, not a female, so if that's what gotten a certain somebody in a tizz, calm the fuck down. You know who you are. After that she had it right, up until the mountain climbing part. In our race to make it to the top before sunrise, I won, and Jani too made it before it rose, but the other two didn't. Either too busy frolicking in the woods or taking pictures with locals I guess. It was hilarious, we were at the top hardly having broken a sweat, wearing yesterday's clothes, carrying cans of beer with us, while there were locals in sweatsuits stretching beforehand and performing yoga at the top. The hill is barely that. At home it would be called a mogul. So after the strenuous descent... which was filled with pouring beer on each other (apparently we had finally had enough), we decided that we would need to clean our clothes by taking them into the pool. Unfortunately, being new to this mobile phone business, mine was left in the pocket of my shorts, so it decided to take a vacation from work. It has since partially returned to functionality, thank goodness, but the earpiece is quiet and a droplet of water or two still comes out when you shake it. Not bad for German engineering though. Now if only they could have engineered me a skating buddy.


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