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Friday, March 18, 2005


I am a walking trainwreck.

The St. Patrick's Day festivities of yesterday have left me feeling subpar to say the least. I spent today primarily vegetating on the couch in an attempt to recover, briefly interrupted by Dan's recital this afternoon. It was pretty funny - he's been in this music class (I love exchange and its bird courses) all semester, and their long awaited performance finally arrived. I overslept, so I had to drag my green self (due to the copious amount of green food colouring from yesterday) to school smelling of ashtray and alcoholic bag man to the concert at the last moment sans shower. Not a pleasant sight...

Dan and Christine (German girl) did a stellar performance though, A for presentation. Dan played double bass, probably because he was the only one tall enough to be able to, while Christine played some random mandolinlike instrument from the Philippines. We went on to eat fish and chips afterwards in an attempt to appease the hangover monster with some grease.

Last night was pretty crazy, we started out at the Irish for a BBQ, then proceeded to play drunken frisbee in the pool. I ate some awesome Italian sausage and grilled corn and after that, details are fuzzier - I introduced green beer, though, which was a success although the my nails will most likely be green for eternity. After predrinking a bit more at the Irish apartment, we went on to go to CU, for freeflow drinks.

I somehow ended up with a cigarette burn on my leg, too. I think I'm going to stick to Diet Coke for a while.


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