The Adventures of Marianne

Friday, March 25, 2005

From bush village to cosmopolitan socialite (and back again?)

In other news, Wednesday was another Insomnia night. After missing out the last few weeks for various reasons (music class... non-musical harping... etc.) I was stoked (go back to Whistler, says Cmac) to hit the flat-rate, free-flow bar and unwind before a hellish week began. Needless to say, the desired effect was obtained, and things got hazy from there. At least I didn't come home in the same state as Sonia, who needs to apologize to the future plumbers of Leedon 2 for when they come across a shopping bag full of vomit in the pipes. When I woke up though, I was greeted with the news that I, along with fellow Canadian Tiffany, was the newest socialite/millionaire playboy featured on "". Apparently it's some internet company that goes to clubs and bars with cameras and take pictures of what they judge to be Singapore's "cool set" and puts them on them on the internet for some purpose that I have yet to be able to determine. They then give you their card, and go on their way. Bizarre. Even more bizarre to find the card in the pocket of your pants the morning after, with no recollection whatsoever. Remind me never to go to out drinking in San Francisco.


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