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Sunday, March 13, 2005

A life less ordinary

The blog has been dwindling somewhat lately, mainly because life in general has been somwhat dwindling. It seems that time goes on, with no real developments. This weekend was rather slow - went to a party on Friday, great location on a balcony on top of the McDonalds near school, but we didnt make it there until around midnight, and I didn't really feel in the party mood. It was nice though, the Irish were, as they themselves would say, "locked" and there were a fair amount of people out. Nothing spectacular though

Last night I made a quick appearance at the Ireland-France rugby game after a night of Indian food, and today was spent doing a whole lotta nothing, despite my aspirations to finish all my work AND clean the apartment. We had a romantic salmon dinner for three, though, the first real meal we've actually cooked here. Fast forward through a whole lot more nothing, until me and Dan played a solid round of internet Jeopardy! Best game ever.

This week will be rough - loads of work (well, relatively speaking - I've become a bit to accustomed to the lighter courseload here) and I need to switch rooms and actually get work done, but on the bright side, Andreas is arriving in only slightly more than a week. Good times ahead, I hope.


Oh my. There have been a few updates latelt that can definitely qualify as the dullest blog update ever. This most definitely qualifies.... My deepest apologies to anyone who actually does read this.

So now I'm off to bed for an attempt at sleeping - apparently my biological clock is under the impression that I'm still in Norway because I have the constant urge to go to bed after 4.30 am, and get up as late in the afternoon as possible.

AFTERNOTE (2.56 am on Monday)
WHY DID WE COOK SALMON IN THE APARTMENT!? I smell like fish, my laundry smells like fish, the air smells like fish, even my computer smells like fish. WHY?! I think I am turning into a fish.


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