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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Racecar Ya-yas

Yesterday morning I was brutally awakened by the sound of fists hitting my door at 9 am. and "Come to KL for the Grand Prix Race" an urgent voice beckoned, a voice belonging to my housemate Dan. "No, no, I have so much work," I feebly protested, and 20 minutes later I find myself on bus 170 en route to Johor Bahru.

Perhaps I should have known that this trip was not the brightest idea in the world, when Singapore refused to let me leave the country. Being my organized self, I had left my student pass somewhere in my pile of a room, and the ICA civil service employees of Singapore aren't exactly the most flexible folk. But, after a 20 minute interview with a police officer, explaining that I was indeed a student with a valid passport, I was permitted to get the hell out, and thus able to board the "4 hr direct bus" to KL. Well. The bus was certainly not direct, and therefore definitely not 4 hours. We made it, though, and set up camp at the "Budget Inn", a place of lodging (notice that I am avoiding the word hotel) where the rooms are rented by the hour, and the shower is in fact a garden hose. We had a night of decent albeit quite standard drinking, and Fredrik made it without getting his face smashed in, which is already better than last time. The formula 1 race the following day, left something to be desired, however. I don't know why but when i imagined it, I had expected more than cars that simply drove around in circles really fast. Oh well, one more thing that I've seen I suppose. Me, Dan and Paavo (Finnish dude, likes techno music), went to some random Malaysian town to get the bus back, and after Paavo got the email addresses of some local kebabshop girls (Dan scored himself a free coke), we got on a random bus and were back in Leedon 2 by 3 am.


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