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Monday, March 28, 2005

Trivial Pursuit!

Well, the 7 foot dood that Dan mentioned in the last post has taken off to Orchard in search of a travel version of Trivial Pursuit. If he succeeds, it will be showdown time tonight - I am hungry for victory. Best game ever.

In other news, there aren't really so many apart from the fact that the AC in the apartment broke, leaving it about 20 degrees too hot. So happy that the one in my room is still functioning. School's coming to an end, projects, presentations, exams and whatnot are piling up - unfortunately that doesn't exactly mean that I'm doing any more work. Me and Andreas are heading to Phi Phi islands again on Wednesday which will be nice - my skin hasn't felt like its crispy self lately.

I'm also considering hibernating this summer, stockpile some sleep and whatnot and that way I won't have to worry about the not having a job issue. Pure brilliance.


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