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Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Definition of Thunderstorm

According to

thun·der·storm (thndr-stôrm)n.
A transient, sometimes violent storm of thunder and lightning, often accompanied by rain and sometimes hail.

On Tuesday, the day before Andreas and I were going to fly to Phuket and then out to Phi Phi, we thought we'd check the weather forecasts, you know, just in case. I wasn't worried in the slightest, until the forecasts told us we were to expect 5 days of "thunderstorms". So, I packed my spiffy Tiger Beer umbrella and we were on our way, expecting the worst. Well, I managed to leave my umbrella in the airport, but it didn't even matter, considering that a weather forecast of "thunderstorms" in Thailand in fact means blue skies all day, and crazy lightning storms at night. It was great, the sky would light up every 15 seconds or so. Now, on the other hand, I'm back in Singapore and the rain is coming down in buckets, complimented by brutal thunderclaps. I have to admit I prefer the Thai thunderstorms.

It was a great holiday, though - Phi Phi Islands are amazing, despite the fact that most of the buildings were pretty destroyed by Tsunami, by far the most beautiful beaches and water I have ever seen. I've decided that I'm going to go back after my exams are over (WAH, only 9 more days! EEK!) to volunteer - there's a great organization there called HI PHI PHI. The atmosphere was great, you have young people from all over just out to have a good time, meet people and actually accomplish something good in the meantime. Our first night, we accidentally sat in on their nightly meeting (it was held at the bar where the most people were) and there were about 60 people out to do some good and have fun.

On the boat from Phuket, I naturally managed to get myself an beastly sunburn and now I'm in a similar state as I was after KL - the skin on my face resembles a world map, and NOT in a good way (if there even is a good way). I'm a walking commercial for sunscreen.

Since our plane left so early this morning, we had to spend our last night in Phuket, more specifically Patong Beach. Since Dan, Christine, Armani, David, Seba and Sean went to Phuket on Friday, we planned to meet up with them, but they (wisely) chose to go to Phi Phi Islands too. Now, to anyone who does not know about Phuket: it's pretty much the tackiest place in the world, overflowing with neon lights, touts, umbrella drinks, "hostesses", old greasy men - note the latter two usually go together - ugly t-shirts, garbage and Dutch/Irish/Swedish/German/etc pubs, bars and clubs... Surprisingly enough, though, it ended up being a hugely successful night, despite the fact that it was just the two of us. We ended up in a random Reggae bar that served the best Long Island Ice Tea I have ever taste and sampled Thai Whisky and played 4 in a row against each other and the bartender. We finished the night, pretty hammered, by drinking a Mai Tai from a pineapple. Nothing says class like drinks served in pinapples (note: the same holds true for coconuts).

Now I'm back in Singapore, faced with the reality of the fact that I have to prepare a mediation and write a paper for tomorrow, and then somehow find a way to do oodles of work for International Finance. Tomorrow I'm going on an excursion to Johor Bahru, for nothing other than to get a Malaysian stamp in my Norwegian passport, and have dinner. Apparently it's a pretty miserable place, but it can't possibly beat Shenzhen.


  • I went to Fuckit once, I got the crabs.

    By Blogger DLAK, at 5:37 am  

  • Hahaha, I'm not surprised - that place is pretty damn dirty... In all definitions of the word.

    By Blogger Marianne, at 10:58 am  

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