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Monday, April 18, 2005


So, after struggling for hours on and, my Lonely Planet guide and countless other sources, I've decided on a rough itinerary:

  • April 20th - Fly to Phuket, ferry to Phi Phi for volunteering with Hi Phi Phi
  • April 25th - Overnight bus (14 hours! I'm crying on the outside - it better be A/C this time) to Bangkok
  • April 25th - Ayutthaya! Ancient Temple city north of Bangkok
  • April 26th/27th - Meeting Kayella in Bangkok and train to Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Beginning of May - Phnomh Penh
  • Mid May - Sihanoukville for beaches
  • 18th of May - Flight from Bangkok to Kota Kinabalu on Malaysian Borneo
  • 19th of May - Mount Kinabalu National Park to trek a 4000 m high mountain. Whoa. Watch me collapse halfway and die of altitude sickness.
  • 20th of May - Hopefully reach the top. Hopefully.
  • 21st of May - Watch some orangutans in an orangutan sanctuary and soak in some hotsprings
  • 23rd of May - Fly from Kota Kinabalu to Johor Bahru. Arrive at 23.05 and hopefully catch my plane to England/Norway that leaves at 05.25. Here's hoping.

So excited!


  • That sounds like the worst trip ever. I'm soooo glad I came home early, so I could lounge around FSJ doing nothing...


    By Blogger DanieĀ£, at 4:18 am  

  • Seriously.

    FSJ DOES have temple cities, beaches, 4000m high mountains and cheap cheap liquor. Well, at least there's liquor. And pickup trucks. What more could you possibly need?

    By Blogger Marianne, at 7:34 am  

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