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Thursday, April 28, 2005

One (more) night in Bangkok

So, this morning both Kayella and I slept through the 5 am alarm, resulting in us missing our train to the border town of Aranyaprathet. No harm done, we spent another day sightseeing and drinking 10 Baht fruitshakes.

In the Lonely Planet book we read about a Thai cooking class at the Oriental Hotel for which you only had to pay for by donation to some charity. Pretty happy with our find, we took the ferryboat to the hotel for some budget foody fun. When we arrived, however, we were met by a security guard pointing to a sign: "No backpackers, no slippers, no shorts or sleeveless shirts". Well, there we were, in shorts, tanktops, flipflops - one of us carrying a backpack. We were SOOO not getting in. Trying to push our luck, however, we asked the guard if he could give us a brochure for the class, so that we could possibly come back later in more appropriate attire. The guard was helpful enough, and we were terribly pleased until we saw that the 3hr course we had been told was priced by donation, did indeed cost USD $140. We were out of there before the guy could say pad thai.

Otherwise, we've done some monster sightseeing in the last 2 days and hung out in a great park nearby where there's outdoor aerobics at sunset with about 60 thai people, backpackers juggling and doing the numchuk tricks and a totally drugged out 60yr old doing a flying dance.

I'm also reading the funniest book ever: "Are you Experienced?" by Micheal Sutcliffe. Absolutely hilarious.

Anyways, hopefully we'll make it to our train tomorrow, so in less than 24 hours I'll be in Cambodia!


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