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Monday, April 25, 2005

"Sletne Ruiner"

"Anyone want to see something gross?" she said, self-confidence in her eyes, all dangly earrings and "I'm a vegetarian free-spirit backpacker" bun.
The minibus was silent. Before any of us managed to come up with a polite way to refuse, Little Miss Backpacker's foot is in my face with a wormlike thing under her skin.
"It's a parasite," she continued. "Apparently I got it from walking on the beach - but the again, I have been in the jungle and all kinds of crazy places since I came here."
Well, good for you, aren't you all that and a bottle of Singha?

This busride was going to be long.

And it was - the so-called VIP bus we'd all paid for was in fact a 12 person minivan crammed with passengers, luggage and a scabby dog. Luckily we changed to a huge doubledecker from the seventies in Suratthani, and after some questionable noodles, I fell asleep. The train to Ayutthaya - 1.5 hours was the cheapest thing ever - 15 baht! Ie. 3 NOK or $.60CDN.
It wasn't even a very shitty train!

The place is pretty cool - lots of old ruins so I rented a scooter and am whizzing around taking pictures and whatnot. In the process of locking the bike, however, I smoothly managed to burn my hand on the muffler. Obviously, some things never change.

I'mget some lunch now, then some more sightseeing - apparently there are elephants in the area but I struggle with directions, so we'll see if I manage to locate them. Back to Bangkok tomorrow to meet Kayella and that's all I know for now!


  • Reading that story reminded me of something. When I got back, I noticed something caterpillarish crawling under my skin. At first I blamed the jungle too, but then after showing my doctor a picture of the living room, it appears that Leedon 2 is to blame. This means only one thing: a dayguard conspiracy.

    By Blogger DanieĀ£, at 5:22 am  

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