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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Water to wine?

Further evidence that I struggle at life:

Background info: I am horribly hungover. I get myself out of bed at 1 pm, but getting out of bed really just entails moving my pillow to the couch where I vegetate for a few hours.

A few hours later, I am ironing my skirt in the kitchen, and I need to refill the iron with water, so I grab the water bottle on the counter and fill 'er up. As I am ironing, I can't help but notice a strange smell... Alcoholly smell. Am I really THAT hungover?

Well, the answer is no - but as it turns out I am hungover enough to fill the iron with vodka that Tiffany left at our place in a water bottle.

End result: I go to dinner reeking of liquor (it's been a while since I've done laundry) and decide that I need to learn more about a concept called moderation.


  • That's what you get for ironing... a distinctly non-Leedon 2 thing to do. Funniest story I've heard in a long time though. I miss the hijinks.

    By Blogger Danie£, at 2:22 pm  

  • By the way, maybe you'd get more comments if you responded to those that you do get! (Where's the teeth-baring msn icon when you need it?)

    By Blogger Danie£, at 6:06 am  

  • Hahaha.

    Consider this an official response then. And from now on I will respond to everything but death threats. Promise.

    It's true about the ironing though - 2nd time in my almost 4 months at the cradle of filth.

    By Blogger Marianne, at 7:03 am  

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