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Monday, May 16, 2005

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my

Scratch the lions and bears, but oh my, I went to a tiger monastery in Kanchanaburi today, and it was definitely a highlight. About 15 tigers just wandering around freely in a canyon (the really really big dangerous ones were in an enclosed area). Pretty damn cool and pretty damn scary. Made for excellent photo opportunities, too - it's at times like these I really wish my digital camera wasn't stolen.

It was a good tour though - it was me, two peruvian girls, and a group of gargantuan Israelis (really, I keep picturing the four of them meeting each other for the first time at the "Big and Tall" section of the army supply store) and we went to the bridge on the river Kwai, which is really just a bridge, but I suppose if I end up ever seeing the film I'll maybe recognize it. We also did an elephant trek and went downriver on a bamboo raft before we going to a waterfall, but since the wet season started only about a week ago, the waterfall was seriously lacking in terms of water.

Otherwise, Koh Chang was decent but definitely too rainy, especially given the fact that my bungalow roof was more "water resistant" than "water proof". So instead of being rain woman (haha, get it? rain man, rain woman? dude, I'm SUCH a geek) I headed up to Bangkok to catch the weekend market, resulting in an even more dismal cash flow situation as well as an a backpack that officially hates me.

I might have mentioned this already, but Kayella flew back to Canada last Thursday because she's been so sick, so now it's just me again.

In other news it seems that the homeland is letting me down. I was hoping to invite myself to some sort of embassy do at the Norwegian embassy here in Bangkok for May 17th, but as it turns out, here they simply close the embassy rather than host events for patriotic Norwegians that are keen to celebrate their heritage (Read: take advantage of free canapes and booze).


  • That's because your country is disappointing. Shitty news about the robbery. Did Norge have the story about crying wolf?

    Take care!

    P.S.: Yeah, that's right, it's me, back from the dead (ie Winnipeg).

    By Blogger Danie£, at 6:32 pm  

  • Good lord, he lives! I wondered if you had fallen off a mountain or something, but then I realized that Winnipeg's pretty damn flat.

    Hope you're keeping the operations at toban up to par.

    Stay alive and take care, Dan.(you're always welcome to make a blog contribution).

    By Blogger Marianne, at 12:56 am  

  • hæææ? me har jo vært på ambassaden i alle årene me va i thailand!! så kjipt at du ikkje fekk oppleve det!

    By Anonymous elisabeth, at 11:50 am  

  • Serioest!? Grrr. Jeg ringte, og de sa at de holdt stengt paa 17. mai - og i dag var jeg innom for aa proeve aa skaffe mer penger (man, det er kjipt aa ikke ha bankkort!), og det var en deprimerende affaere. Stod i koe i et kjipt venterom i 2.5 time for aa vente paa aa bli fortalt at de dessverre "ikke assisterer ved mindre enn til hjemreise". Dobbelt grr... Men hurra for sjoemannskirken som kom til unnsetning!

    By Blogger Marianne, at 12:27 pm  

  • Norsk norsk norsk, supergeek, norsk...

    Mad props to Elisabeth for the embassy job though.

    By Blogger Danie£, at 2:05 pm  

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