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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Wet season has officially begun.

The last 2.5 days have been filled with what can be described as nothing less than torrential rainfall. It started when I was in Phnomh Penh on the back of a moto, getting a ride to the bus station and since then, I have not seen the sky. Slightly less than ideal when we're planning on heading to Koh Chang, and island known for its beaches, today.

My passport run to Phnomh Penh went surprisingly well and I stayed at a guesthouse where I met some great and random people with who I sat around drinking Beer Lao with until 4 am. The group was complete with guitar, singing and an old English guy who'd been to prison for fraud but then ran away to Vietnam. It was good times. And when I told my story of getting robbed, one of the other English guys there gave me his old camera (and I mean OLD) so now I can take pictures after all.

Kayella and I left Sihanoukville yesterday, by boat to Koh Kong and then by minibus to Trat, and we were supp0osed to go to Koh Chang last night. Unfortunately, the seas were quite rough, resulting in issues with the mango shake Kayella had before we left. So we decided to stay one night in Trat, and hopefully we'll get to Koh Chang by tonight.


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