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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Serenity Now

Just got back to Phnomh Penh and wisely picked a safer spot to stay - a Khao San Road of Cambodia, if you will. Staying on the beaten track and loving it. I'm just here for a day to get my passport back (hopefully) and some cash from the Norwegian Consulate (hopefully), before I head back to the beaches ("bitches" as they say here) of Sihanoukville and move on by ferry to Trat in Thailand.

I have to say, while Kayella's pretty much had it with Cambodia (and Asia as a whole, for that matter) I am strangely enjoying it, despite the robbing, passport issues, constant hassling and abuse from kids yelling profanities because I don't want to buy their fruit/bracelets/sundried lobsters. I think it's just the whole "travelling" thing - it's so great doing nothing but relaxing, meeting new people, seeing new things and having a meal (even when it's hilariously awful) or a couple of drinks with no responsibilities. As much as I'm looking forward to seeing people at home, going to England, working, and so on, it's great just slobbing around and talking to funny/crazy/dull/interesting randomers that you're probably never going to see again, but keep running back into them in random places.

Generally in a good mood.

Sihanoukville isn't really much more than a smallish dirty town with a few beaches, so we've spent our days on the beach, and out of nowhere we met Veronika and the girls we had met in Siem Reap and had another really good night out. Had dinner at "The Snake House" - a restaurant run by crazy Russian people, where there are live snakes in the actual table, and in terrariums all around and an owl and lemurs. It was pretty awesome despite the fact that I got tricked into eating a crazy Russian dish that for all I know may have been made of reptile remains for all I know.

But tonight I'm just going to hang out by myself here by the lake in Phnomh Penh (a gazillion times better than the place we stayed before - my guesthouse is built on stilts on the lake) - and then hopefully get my passport back demain.


  • This is really funny, I hope everyone enjoys

    By Anonymous Andrew, at 10:53 pm  

  • Andrew,

    That was the funniest thing ever, I loved it.
    see you tonight

    Betty Linton

    By Anonymous Betty Linton, at 2:54 pm  

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