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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Canadian "Technology"

When I first arrived back in Canada, I decided to get a cell number so that I could use my phone to send text messages and whatnot while I'm here.

Apparently this is easier said than done.

Visit #1: Telus Mobility
"Sorry, we don't use SIM cards, so you will have to buy a new phone with at least a 2 year contract"

Visit # 2: Rogers
"Yes, we use SIM cards, but you will have to pay a $50 activation fee of your phone, then $25 for your new SIM card, oh, and did we mention that while you can send text messages to Sweden and the UK, Norway is not on the list. Why don't you try FIDO? With them, you can send messages to Norway, and we own the company anyways."

Excuse me? If you own the company, then why can't I send messages to Norway with Rogers?

Visit #3: Fido
So far so good...

"There's no activation fee, just $26 for your new SIM card, you can send and receive messages to pretty much the entire world!"

oh joy!

"- BUT - we don't have network coverage in Kingston, so you'll have to pay long distance roaming fees, as well as people calling you will have to pay long distance fees"


Visit #4: Bell
"Nope, no SIM cards here either. But if you join today, this shitty phone can be yours for only 399 dollars with a 3 year contract plus tax"

So now I have a ridiculously overpriced Rogers telephone that can receive messages from anywhere, but not respond. I also have to pay for incoming calls, and if I don't have money on my account, the calls will simply not arrive.

God bless the modern technology of Canada.


  • So it seems the gloves are coming off, eh Marianne? Well we've got the Canadarm. That's right, space flight. Better represent Norway. What's up now?

    By Blogger Adam, at 2:02 pm  

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