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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Evolution of Stewardesses

I remember when being an airline stewardess seemed like the most glamourous job ever. It was during the days when they were all so tall and pretty, they'd give you cookies and a colouring book and show you the cockpit even though they said they weren't really supposed to.
Somewhere along the way, my impression changed.

All of a sudden, the glamorous stewardesses of my youth have been replaced with bitter, middle-aged women wearing too much foundation. The uniforms don't even look good anymore, and at the extent of friendliness I was shown on my flight today was a huffy "sorry" after the platinum blonde with dark roots ran over my foot with the cart.

Oh, and I'm now at Toronto Airport waiting for my luggage to get in - it ended up on the wrong flight. Remind me never to work at an airport/airline customer service desk.


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