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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Take it as a compliment?

While waiting for the bus to Kingston at the Toronto bus station, I saw what must be the most stereotypical tacky man I have ever seen.

This guy had a mullet, handlebar mustache and a Hooters T-shirt and a mesh-back cap. He looked the way I would expect Kevin Federline to look if he was older, poorer and in Mississippi. The guy was there there with his wife (I presume, at least - he was definitely grabbing her ass), who also sported a mullet, along with a tank top, leopard print tights and white sneakers.

As I was boarding the bus, the guy asked me, "Do you need a hand with that?" referring to my ridiculous amount of luggage.

"No thanks," I responded, the bus driver had already started to load my suitcases.

"Well, then if I may say so myself, you look very lovely."

"Uhhh. Thanks?"

Given the look of his wife, I conclude that if he thought I was "lovely", I must look like trailer trash. So sad.


  • hihi, trailer trash marianne!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:09 am  

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