The Adventures of Marianne

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Tonight I sat down, with every intention of doing work, then ended up having a craving for a slurpee. Makes sense, doesn't it, as soon as the temperature drops below zero, Marianne craves a brainfreeze-inducing frozen drink. Either way, I figure I can do with the fresh air.

On the way I notice there's a white ring around the moon. Apparently that's a sign that it's going to snow tomorrow. Then, when I got to the 7-11, i saw an old woman walk by - at least 70 - wearing a beige coat, old lady shoes, and carrying no, not a matching purse, no, not a little wheelie bag for her groceries; she is carrying a boom box. A big, badass one, straight out of Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

I chose to take this as a sign of good luck. So I bought a lottery ticket.


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