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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I have never been known to pack light.

Last time I flew back to Norway for Christmas, I was a vision of awkwardness. I show up at the airport laden with my two humongous suitcases, each weighing more than the average 2ndgrader, backpack, purse, wallet, passport, plane ticket, sweater, scarf and random shoppingbag with a Diet Coke and some magazines (there was no room in the backpack).

Paranoid about missing the plane as I am, however, I've showed up in good time and the check-in line isn't so bad. Turns out I made it just in time, because within 10 minutes, it extends to the iffylooking airport cafe where the bagels are pre-creamcheesed and shrinkwrapped.

Quite satisfied with myself, I waddle to the counter, and heave suitcase # 1 onto the scale. I'm in business - 30.2 kilos - a solid 1.8 below the legal limit. Suitcase #2 - the numbers soar. It looks as if some of my jeans are making it retain weight. 1.7 kilos to be exact. I try to flash an innocent smile and shrug at the heavily made-up shrew: "How about some flexibility?". Since I'm under the limit on the one suitcase, can't you just consider the luggage's combined weight?

Answer is no. I'm convinced airline employees are actually contracted out from Lucifer Airways, but I keep my mouth shut. I haul my suitcases to the side, and in the presence of 50-some other passengers, move some jeans from the one to the other, and after an awkward incident involving my undergarments, I zip them up and hand them in at the counter.

Imagine my surprise when I arrive at the airport in December, and the luggage limit has been changed from 2x32 kgs to 2x23. But what happens? Yours truly get away with 2 suitcases weighing slightly above 30 kg. Maybe Lucifer Airlines isn't so bad after all.


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