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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ok Go

On to a much lighter subject - Ok Go, one of my all-time favorite bands, came to Kingston last night, playing a show with Controller Controller at the Grad Club, quite possibly the smallest concert venue here.

It`s weird, I always thought if I`d ever get to see them live, it would be at some huge venue, with overpriced tickets and too many people. Instead, I saw the concert from 2 inches from the stage, with great people for $15! In my overexcited state, I requested the song C-c-c-cinnamon lips, which unfortunately the new guitarist (who otherwise did an awesome job) didn`t know. The lead singer, however, compromised and played You`re so Damn Hot. It was spectacular. To make things even better, the band hung out at the bar afterwards, so I got to actually talk to them and being the starstruck person I am, had my picture taken with them.

Oh, and the band finished off with the A Million Ways Dance. Hilarious.

By far the best concert experience in a long time.


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