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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Home Alone 4: Ingvild in Bangkok

Remember Home Alone 2, where Macauley Culkin accidentally got on the plane to New York City instead of the one going to Florida? Well, I have a younger sister, too, and while she's 12, Bangkok is not exactly the best city to be lost in, much less when you're 12 and by yourself.

Well, three days ago, the family and myself were waiting for a ferry at the pier in Bangkok. I'm engrossed in my Laos lonely planet, while my parents are talking about someting, and Aleksander is just walking around, when my dad says, "Where's Ingvild?" The pier isn't that big, and within minutes, it's fairly obvious that she's nowhere to be found. No one on the pier's seen here, and mild panic starts brewing among my parents. Surely she didn't fall into the water - she's a good swimmer, and we'd have heard a splash if she'd fallen in, wouldn't we?

The answer quickly becomes evident, however. As we look to the right, we see a boat that had stopped at the pier minutes before moving towards the horizon... Since it was similar to the one we were supposed to get on, Ingvild probably jumped on the wrong boat. We hoped.

While my dad looked like he was about to have a heart attack, my brother and I grabbed a tuk-tuk to the next boat pier, but were met by an obnoxious American that told us horror stories of kidnappings and injured kids after we'd told him about our sister.

15 minutes passed, and still no Ingvild. While I usually stay pretty cool, for a split second, images of newspaper headlines, human trafficking and how I was going to explain to people at home that I no longer had a sister because she disappeared in Thailand flashed through my mind. The fact that I'd watched the beginnin of the show "Without a Trace" in the hotel room that morning probably didn't help either.

But of course, my little sister was fine - she had gotten a bit freaked out when she realized she was on the boat by herself, but a woman had helped her out and sent her on the next boat back to the pier where my parents were waiting.

Relieved much?


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