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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's a small, small world

On my brother's and my first night in Vang Vieng, we were sitting at the local bar. A few beer laos and some random conversations with strangers later, we met two Canadian girls from Guelph, and got to talking. For some reason they thought I waws Quebecois, but the misunderstanding was quickly cleared up and my somewhat complicated Norwegian-Canadian background was explained.

Anyways, it turned out that one of the girls had been on exchange in Singapore the last semester, although at Nanyang, not SMU, but we had some fun exchanging stories from Singapore's bar-scene.

But the interesting part came when her friend started nudging her, asking her to ask me about some Norwegian dude. A bit embarrassed, she asked me if I by any chance knew a Chris Dolven (you know, in the "What, you're from Canada? Do you know John?" kind of way). He had been on exchange in Singapore, too, and they had figured that they might as well ask me. Well, as it turns out, I actually do know Chris. He's a friend of one of my good friends from High School, I've known him since grade 11, and celebrated New Years at his house, a mere 6 km from mine. What a small world!

Little did I know it was about to get even smaller. After a solid five minutes of "Oh my gaawwwwd"s, they told me that Chris was in Vientiane, due to arrive in Vang Vieng 2 nights later. Fast forward two nights, and I'm at a bar in Vang Vieng, drinking buckets with a guy I've known since High School and barely seen since.

Small world indeed.


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