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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

London Real Estate

When I was searching for a place to live in London, I was, putting it mildly: shocked. I attended my first viewing after reading an online posting stating that the apartment was in a "prime location", had a "high standard" and was "excellent value".

The location was in a back alley (without streetlights), surrounded by piles of garbage, which also appeared in the stairwell of the building. Yes, it was close to the underground station, but it was also close to brothels and what must have been crack dens.

The apartment itself was miniscule - a kitchen with standing room for one person (waify person) and two bedrooms where I'm convinced the bedrooms were converted storage closets. The only realistic way to sleep would be either standing up or the fetal position.

And as for the value? The landlord was asking for £120 a week - working out to £520 a month - EACH.

This did not bode well for finding a place to live...


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