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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Idol Fever!

I've come to the conclusion that Idol programmes will be the demise of this world. Last night was Patron's Day at Singapore Management University (where I'm currently "studying"). Not only did the president of Singapore come, but more importantly, the winner of Singapore Idol, often referred to as "the Usher of Singapore" had a guest performance of a whopping 3 songs. Just as well that it was that short, really - i don't know if I could have taken much more.

Why is it that someone who is so intrinsically rubbish can become so famous and popular? I mean, there must have been hundreds of highly educated people present yesterday - screaming and cheering for this self-proclaimed musician. Frustrating.

The exchange students represented like crazy though - while what must be close to 90% of the local students headed home before 9 pm, we stayed till minuit, and helped ourselves to orchids en mass, got some food and then the most dedicated ones (Jani, Dan, Rob, Tony and I) went on to Boat Quay and got even more drunk. Discussions on foreign policy and the EU, bartop dancing and general rowdiness ensued. Random combination, really. Bedroom, the next place we went (Boat Quay closed at 3am) was owned by a Canadian, and Dan went nuts when he saw the Canucks hockey jersey on the wall and scored us free shots from the owner.

Needless to day, this morning was rough. And Singapore Idol still sucks!


  • Hey! i'm from SMU too..happen to trot ard in blogger and found u! yeah i'm singaporean and i think that TAufik's really no big deal. Indeed, SG Idol suck. its for schoolgirls who need someone 'hot' to talk abt in class. :p

    how is SMU? hope it's ok for you..

    By Blogger Francesca, at 11:27 pm  

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