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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Ye Olde Switcharoo

A story that has to be told.

A few nights ago, us exchange students decided to go out (shocker, isn't it?). Stop number one was Insomnia, a place where you pay S$18 to get in, and then get free drinks between 9 and 11 if you're a guy, 9 and midnight if you're a girl (this country is rife with gender discrimination and I'm loving it!). I was running late, but while getting ready, I receive a call from Dan. "Could you bring me a pair of shoes?" Apparently shorts and sandals is inappropriate attire -- unless you are a girl, that is. So, no worries, I bring a shopping bag with Dan's shoes, he changes, and the night is saved. We all stay at Insomnia for a few hours, get some drinks, get invited to party with shemales (an offer I declined), and then go on Zouk.

Here awaits obstacle number two. Despite his shoes, the bouncers refuse Dan entrance because he isn't wearing trousers. Quite the dilemma. We stand arguing with the guy for a few minutes, using arguments such as the fact that 75% of the girls entering the club are in miniskirts. The bouncer, however, simply retorts, "Eet is deeferent for girls-lah!". And so a brilliant idea arises. We both dash around the corner, and 1 minute later, Dan is elegantly clad in skintight jeans that are 30 cm too short, while I am sporting baggy, beige cargo shorts that go past my knees. Despite some raised eyebrows and "is she a lesbian" mutterings in the bathroom, the old switcharoo was a blasting success.

It was a good night.

[For me at least. Dan lost the group later on, went home and slept on the porch in front of our door. Oh alcohol, how I love thee.]


  • yeeeeeo whaddap marianne, its varqa, naseem and i are chillin getting drunk every day in mexico

    s'all pretty cheap over here, i dunno what to say, hey, have good time in malaaaaysia, tell shmuck he better not cheat on brigette or im'o whoop his cracka ass

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:29 pm  

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