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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

How not to make a sale

Last night I went roaming Orchard Road for some new cheap sheets that are slightly more attractive than my current beige/orange/floral/brown bed decor.

Walking past some small shops selling shoddy souvenirs and tshirts, salespeople would bug you as you walked past. This is somewhat annoying, but genereally I don't mind so much and simply ignore it. Usually, lines such as "Where you from?" or "Special Plice for you" try to lure you into the store. Last night, however, I experienced something new.

"You come and buy shirt! We have big blouses - very stretchy for you!"

Since when is calling your customer fat a good sales strategy?


  • Hallo i luken Marianne!

    Motivert av du, har jeg laget en liten blogsak. Jeg har relativt begrenset tro på at den kommer til å bli oppdatert med noe særlig hyppighet, men det er lov å prøve seg iallefall.

    Jeg har det fantastisk moro med skype for tiden - har fått meg et temmelig sjef headset og knæsj lyd, så det er bare å ringe en dag om du føler for det.

    Heftig blog du har fått til forresten.


    By Blogger Aleks, at 8:56 am  

  • for cheap sheets try ikea along alexandra road. think you can take 197 from the bus stop across the expressway , near the sports n recreation centre. it'd be a very short ride, approx 10min max. assuming you're in nus. good luck.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:27 am  

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