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Monday, February 28, 2005

Thailand Statistics

Over the last 10 days, I have:
  1. Seen countless ladyboys
  2. Seen countless disgusting old men with young Thai girls
  3. Seen countless disgusting old men with what they thought were young Thai girls (but were really ladyboys. Hah, in your face, disgusting old man.)
  4. Witnessed a scooter accident
  5. Been to the full-moon party on Koh Phangan
  6. Lost my mobile phone (and my shoes) at the full-moon party on Koh Phangan
  7. Tried flame juggling (and not spontaneously combusted - that's the shocking part)
  8. Come to the realization that all alcoholic drinks taste infinitely better when drank from a plastic bucket
  9. Taken my and others' picture with the most random people ever
  10. Sat on an elephant
  11. Seen an elephant boner
  12. Mountainbiked in Chiang Mai
  13. Swum in a waterfall
  14. Whitewater rafted
  15. Held a snake
  16. Had a falcon on my shoulder
  17. Slept on a minibus twice, regular bus once
  18. Taken 6 ferries, 2 speedboats, 1 longtail
  19. Taken one 8-hr "airconditioned" bus
  20. Been to "The Beach" beach
  21. Snokeled with colorful fish and squid
  22. Met 2 forensic dentists in Phuket there to identify the dead after Tsunami.

Now I'm back in reality - sitting in my New Product Development class back in Singapore and waiting to hold a presentation on something I don't have the slightest idea about...


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