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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Update from China

According to the guidebook that brutally consumed 49 of my hard-earned (cough) Hong Kong dollars, Foshan is one of China's 4 ancient cities. As of now, the only ancient thing I have seen here, is some of the items on the shelves of local convenience stores.

Hopefully we'll see something better when we go to the temple place today.

Otherwise, I spent Tuesday until Friday in Hong Kong, and while there were certainly some, ahem, difficulties, I have had a great time.

Difficulties included:
  1. Creepy Wyoming guy with wife and kids who paid cover charge for 15 smu exchange students but then ended up fighting Dan because apparently Dan had "insulted his honor".
  2. "Spectacular view" from the Peak in HK was actually more of vast whiteness. I LOVE smog.
  3. hm. Maybe I was overreacting about the difficulties thing
  4. oh no, hang on, HK IS TOO EXPENSIVE.

Anyways, on the Tuesday night we had a great time drinking around the markets, meeting random people and searching in vain for a good bar. The 7-11s got some good business out of us though. Night ended around 4 am, with promises of getting up at 8 am so that we could all get some sightseeing done at Big Buddha.

This obviously did not happen - but personally i thought 10 am was pretty impressive.

ok, post to be continued soon. It's time for some KFC for breakfast. I feel like I am living the movie Super Size Me.


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