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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Lost in Education vs Lost in China

I'm in school now. Too much work. It sucks. Just had a presentation on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution - a rather subpar performance, really.

I got an sms from Dan shortly after he arrived in Hong Kong yesterday, though - apparently the friend of Kara's that we're supposed to be staying with, never showed up...

Personally, I'd rather be in Hong Kong. 28 hours till departure!

- - -

Oh, and I have a question. Can anyone can explain to me why all buildings in Singapore have floors that become makeshift skating rinks when wet? Last night, on a late night Coke Light run to the Esso station I unknowingly entered a death-trap for all flip-flop wearers: the wet marble floor. Needless to say, I ended up sprawled all over the place, bringing a small shelf of kitkats down with me. Bruised, ridiculed, embarrassed. But worst of all: they were sold out of my drug of choice, my sweet addiction. I think I now understand the true meaning of bitter.


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