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Monday, January 03, 2005

Musings on Mustaches

kl 14.45

In true Seinfeld fashion, I begin: “What’s the deal with mustaches?”. Seriously, I have to admit that they’re not the most attractive thing around… Not many people suit mustaches. Of course, there are those who have to have them: I doubt Magnum PI, Adolf Hitler, the Monopoly Man and a few others would have had the same effect had it not been for their particular fuzzy upper-lip accessory. But sometimes I wonder about places where all men seem to have mustaches. And I mean all men. I wonder if there is some reason for this phenomenon. I have now been in Bahrain for half of my monstrous 16hour layover, and I have not seen one man over the age of 14 without a mustache. The reason to me, is unknown. If anyone has an explanation, please, please enlighten me, I am dying to know.

Otherwise, I’m finding Bahrain a bit of a mixed adventure. Upon arrival I got a free hotel room and waived visa fee (“but I don’t have any Bahraini currency”) which was nice, but people had a tendency to very openly stare and shout comments at me. It was pretty apparent that I was merely a visitor… But I got some photos and ate some food and now I’m back in the hotel room lounging for a bit. Lounging is key.


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