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Monday, January 10, 2005

So much to tell

Where to begin?

Well, it has now been 6 days since my arrival at Changi Airport, and Singapore is great. Ba da ba ba ba, I'm loving it.

The initial arrival was so so, I was quite overwhelmed by the extent of the humidity, but luckily Dan came and met me at the airport so he could guide my heatstrucken self by way of airconditioned taxi to our apartment. So far so good. I have to admit, though, that the ICA - aka The Ministry of Bureaucracy, was a less pleasant affair. First, you line up in order to get a number in line, then you wait for your number to be called. For us, that equalled 3.5 hours.

But the day improved significantly though, we had a party at Leedon 2 - then headed out for Ladies night at CU where drinks and cover was free all night! Not too shabby for a country where drinks are more expensive than in Norway! We're going back there tomorrow night - I'm bringing the daughter of one of my mother's friends who's stopping in Singapore on her way to Cambodia and Laos.

Friday was the party at the Japanese people's apartment - we had a vorspiel at the Norwegian place first - and I have to say, it was absolutely gorgeous. They pay the same rent as we do, but live in luxury. At least we're closer to the MRT and downtown. The Japanese place was insanely crowded - the police came only an hour after we showed up so that was an experience.

Jani, one of the Finnish guys here is actually staying at the Singapore Sheraton! Talk about student living! He's in a massive suite - with a king size canopy bed and a living room with plush chairs and a mini bar. Imagine living in a residence where you can call room service, or ask for more ice at any time, as well as a maid service! When we arrived in our taxi we were greeted by a man in a white colonial uniform, complete with that jungle hat - opened our doors and welcomed us. In the lobby there is an actual waterfall and what must be more than 100 pink orchids. He had a party on Saturday and I was overwhelmed to say the least.

I spent yesterday by the pool at the Americans' house then we went for Indian food in Holland Village - then for a few drinks at Boat Quay.

All in all: I am having an excellent time. Even the humidity has become tolerable, I just hope classes aren't too much work. This weekend will be spent in KL, and the weekend after Sibu Island (hopefully). I'm already spending way too much money, so we'll see what happens.

Take Care!


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