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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Losing sleep

I got up almost 3.5 hours ago at 8 am, feeling strangely alert and awake. Then again, I suppose it wasn't really all that strange, given that I went to bed before 7 pm the night before. Either way: MAN, it felt good!

The real story behind this can be explained by the fact that yesterday night's sleep amounted to 2 hours - 2 hours of sleep that were taken between 9 and 11 am, at which time I had to shower and leave to be an extra on a MEDIACORP production. That's right, Marie, Maria, Lukasz, Schwerb, Rob, Olivier and I will be appearing in a Chinese TV drama on March 8th. A very low budget TV drama, mind you - but TV no less.

Why only 2 hours of sleep you may ask. Well, I'm not entirely sure myself. Since Paul from Ireland came back from Ireland and Jani from Finland was getting the heave-ho from his room, the irish had a joint Welcome Back/Goodbye party at the apartment. It really started out quite calmly - me and Dan were sharing a bottle of Malaysian (read: cheapy mcthrifty) vodka with mango and pineapple juice, but since it was slightly green and tasted like death (the juice, as it turns out, was produced in Tanjung Pinang - we should have known then that attempting to drink it would be a bad idea) we trekked down to the gas station to get some beer. When we came back, however, the place had filled up, and things got interesting. We made a hole in the kitchen ceiling in which to dispose of beer bottles and shortly left for Boat Quay to go to Ataca. Ataca was a great place, but apparently their age limit for guys was 25 (as mentioned before, sexism flourished in Singapore - this rule was not valid for girls) so after having been there for a bit, we got tossed out in spite of Jordan's attempts to reason with the bouncers. Then we went on to Bedroom for a bit, but left pretty quickly after one the random brits we met up with got too friendly, and headed on to a place called Gotham. We were the only people in there, but that was fine - our current state at the time and the fact that girls got free drinks definitely made up for it.

There was a repeat performance of the switcharoo, by the way; this time the participants included Dan, Jordan, Tiffany and myself. I must say, Dan definitely got a better deal than Jordan, who ended up in Tiffany's skin-tight, diamond studded jeans for the remainder of the night. If he had tied his shirt so that his midriff was bared, I would have sworn he was the other guy in Wham.

By now, it was about 5 am in the morning, and I had pretty much come to the realization that there was no way I would make it to my 8.30 class. So rather than going home and pretending like I would, we decided to head back to the Irish place for an after-party. When we arrived, we realized that Daisy, Paul's friend from when he was on exchange in the States, had puked all over the apartment, and Kara had stayed behind to clean up. Needless to say she was not too happy, and her mood didn't exactly improve when Tony went apeshit on her cause she was sleeping in her bed. So I walked her home, and when I got back, everyone was still pretty upbeat, and somehow we got the bright idea to walk to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to see the sunrise. At this point, people were out walking their dogs, in school uniforms on their way to school and out jogging. I went to sleep on a bench, and after Tony got his fix of posing with random people and their dogs, we headed back to the apartment: me too sleep by the pool, they to swim in the pool. Unfortunately, they felt I should swim too, and so my sunlounger was cruelly thrown into the pool - with me on it.

5 minutes later, a cabdriver finds himself with 2 soaked, intoxicated university students on their way home to have a 2 hour nap before their class presentation/tv filming.

Today I intend on doing nothing until I go to my Swedish party, where I have a feeling my intentions of sobriety will once more be overturned.


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