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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


When did it become socially acceptable for men above the age of 40 to try things with girls that are still in university?

Last Friday I ran into someone who went to Queen's too, fair enough, we talked for about 10 minutes just about Canada and Queen's and whatnot. I thought it was pretty funny to meet someone who went to my school all the way in Singapore. Small talk gets old fast though, and I really just wanted to get the hellz out of there so I express my intentions to leave. Things go awry, however, when he takes my cell phone and enters his phone number. I try to explain that I'm not single in vain - apparently despite being middleaged and having English as a first language, comprehension is lacking.
I rapidly run away to play pool with the Irish.

Oh, did I mention that in the small conversation we had, he mentioned that he graduated in 1991? My grade nine math skills tell me that gives him an estimated age of about 36.

Situation gets even better when I get random phone calls the next day. Apparently he gave himself a missed call to get my number, and according to my answering machine, I should "feel free to drop by his hotel room any time".


Phone calls persist for a few days, while I exercise call screening, ignoring and blatantly hanging up.

I hate it when older men think they're all young and hip. I'm 20, for crying out loud! when i was 5, he was 21. What did I do to deserve this? (By the way, if someone has a snide reply to that rhetorical question[cough,dan,cough], please refrain from answering. It's rhetorical).

Steve is officially on the same list as the Day Guard and Avril Lavigne.


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