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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Caribbean in Singapore

Contrary to popular belief, Labour Economics does not get more exciting if you have only had 3 hours of sleep. Thursdays are not good days, I have decided - for some reason beyond my knowledge (well, probably because of the whole "ladies drink free" issue), Wednesdays have become the night to go out and it's disagreeing quite loudly with my 8.30 class.

It was a quality evening though - since Jani's going for an internship in the EU Parliament, there was a huge goodbye party for him last night, complete with a Caribbean theme. Jordan bought some massive leis, and Jani showed up looking more like himself than ever - with white trousers, white shirt, white shoes and sunglasses.

I managed to reestablish my reputation as the clumsy person I've been trying to hide, by dropping a class on the pristine marble floor of team Aga's apartment. Not a popular move.

We went on to the Stamford Swissotel NewAsia bar about 45 minutes behind schedule (and believe me, there was a schedule), and it was amazing! It's on the 70th floor with awesome views of the city, and Seba got Jani some crazy drink where they put a bottle of Galliano on top of a martini glass, light alcohol on fire and pour it down over the bottle and you have to drink it with a straw while they pour so the glass doesn't overflow.

After that, we went on to a place called ChinaBlack - interrupted by a short trip to 7-11 where Sean had some good times with traffic cones (again). When I got back to the bar, though, I encountered some diffuculties. Apparently the flipflops I was wearing was "not appropriate attire" for the club. Mind you, the group that had entered before me was rife with the sort of footwear. So, since phone calls and text messages pleading people for a pair of shoes I could enter with failed, Jani lent me his. Nothing says classy like a skirt and men's shoes that are blatantly 4 sizes too big.

We had a short pit stop at a food court along the way to feed Kara some satay and Sean something non-alcoholic and then went on to Desire, where we stayed until it was way too late. 3 hours of sleep ensued, and then labour economics.

Post Script:
It is now Friday - after lying down for a nap at 4 pm last night, I woke up at 8.15 this morning. Sleep monster much!?


  • it's called a flaming lamborghini...jooooohny huuuuuuung what?


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